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CARAVEL ADVISORY is an Internationally focused Advisory company offering two types of services:

Research and Due Diligence on Hedge Funds

We are an unbiased and independent provider of research and portfolio due diligence.

CARAVEL ADVISORY encourages forward thinking and long-term approach to investing, focusing on diversification and valuing managers’ talent instead of chasing trends.

We analyze client portfolios and counsel for improvement opportunities.

CARAVEL ADVISORY specializes in due diligence of hedge funds. We have designed a disciplined investment advisory and risk-gauging process centered on attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our services include:

  •  Preparation of a short list of funds based on client preferences, pre-set strategies
    or tax constraints.
  • Screening full sets of documents including past newsletters, presentations, DDQ,
    and financial statements.
  • Review of investment method(s) and risk management with portfolio managers
    at onsite visits.

We believe in a collaborative and transparent approach; our clients are welcome to take part at on-site meetings if they wish to.

The hedge fund industry has realized the fact that investors are exposed to a broad range of risks. CARAVEL ADVISORY endeavors to identify risk factors related to a specific fund manager.

Our company seeks to provide clients with precise inputs and a comprehensive overview for efficient decision-making as depicted below:

Financial Advisory on Projects

Sound financial modeling is a critical ingredient to project success. Accurate and perceptive financial information is a key to effective decision-making and accelerating the advancement of a project.

We can assist in the financial modeling and risk management of a project through:

  • Identification, measurement and drafting of plans to address risks sources.
    This can facilitate a more effective management of project resources.
  • Comprehensive economic modeling of  investment opportunities
  • Delivery of quantitative metrics to measure risks and negotiate terms
    with sources of capital or borrowers
  • Incorporation of key market and industry data relating to sustainability,
    economic and macro-economic factors
  • Assistance during negotiations

CARAVEL ADVISORY facilitates transactions by offering individual solutions, issuing pitch books, and assisting in negotiations.


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